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2016 New England Pool & Billiards Hall of Fame Tournament 

in conjunction with Mike Zuglan's Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour

Congratulations to Jayson Shaw and Shaun Wilkie the Snookers Hall of Fame/Joss Northeast  9-Ball Tournament Winners held on March 5/6, 2016

1st place winner, Jayson Shaw, Snookers Owner, Stephen Goulding and 2nd Place winner, Shaun Wilkie

A huge thank you to Tom McGonagle for The Hall of Fame Induction Cermony, to Joss Tournament director Mike Zuglan for putting on the event and to Upstate Al for his always amazing commentary on the event!

1st Place: Jayson Shaw

2nd Place: Shaun Wilkie

3rd Place: Mike Dechaine

4th Place: Jorge Rodriguez

5th/6th Place: Ivaylo Petrov/Jeremy Sossei

7th/8th Place: Kevin Bauccio/Kyle Pepin

9th-12th Place: Nelson Oliveira/Ron Casanzio/Tom D'Alfonso/Rob Pole

Joss Cue Raffle Winner: Joe Duperry