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2020 Snookers Ocean State Championship Tournament 

in conjunction with Mike Zuglan's Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour

World Class pool returns to Snookers with the 33nd Ocean State 9-Ball Championship, held on November 20 & 21, 2021 featuring 92 players.

Read more about the tournament here.

Official Results

2nd Chance Tournament Results

Tournament Payouts

1st Bucky Souvanthong $2,200

2nd Frankie Hernandez $1,700

3rd Robert Madenjian $1,300

4th Alex Bausch $1,000

5th/6th Kerry McAuliffe $800

5th/6th Samoth Sam $800

7th/8th Beau Powers $600

7th/8th Derrick Burnham $600

9th/12th Paul Dryden $450

9th/12th Ray McNamara $450 

9th/12th Suad Kantaravic $450

9th/12th Tristan Speedwell $450

13th/16th Cody Porter $300

13th/16th Pat Fleming $300

13th/16th Ron Casanzio $300

13th/16th Tom Zippler $300

17th/24th David Ty $200

17th/24th Derick Daya $200

17th/24th Joe Darigis $200

17th/24th Kevin Bauccio $200

17th/24th Lukas Fracasso-Verner $200

17th/24th Mike Pettit $200

17th/24th Peter Bowman $200

17th/24th Samantha Barrett $200