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2021 Snookers Ocean State Championship Tournament 

in conjunction with Mike Zuglan's Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour

World Class pool returns to Snookers with the 32nd Ocean State 9-Ball Championship, held on June 5/6, 2021 

Mike Zuglan (tournament director), Raphael Dabreo (1st), Francisco Salas (2nd)  Snookers owner Steve Goulding

Main Event

1st Raphael Dabreo $3000

2nd Francisco Salas $2200

3rd Jared Demalia $1500

4th William Lanna $1000

5th/6th Mike Yednak $850

5th/6th Ron Casanzio $850

7th/8th Joe Dupuis $650

7th/8th Frank Hernandez $650

9th/12th Mhet Vegara $500

9th/12th Pat Fleming $500

9th/12th John Francisco $500

9th/12th Levy Lampaan $500

13th/16th Ray McNamara $350

13th/16th Ron Chestna $350

13th/16th Mike Hellmer $350

13th/16th Bob Madenjian $350

Photo Credit: Sheikvision via Ship The Cash